Frequently Asked Questions

What does your business name mean?

Brie is a type of cheese commonly used on our boards, and Chisme translates to 'gossip' in Spanish. At its core, the name intentionally pays homage to the Caribbean & Latine cultures and the ways that our mamis, grandmas, aunties and Godmothers would visit one another to share chisme, over a cup of coffee or tea with a snack (which often times are, crackers or bread with cheese!).

It's also a play on words in both languages. Since brie, almost, sounds like bring - it can be read as bring me the chisme - bring me the gossip - tráeme el chisme!

Do you offer delivery?

Yes we do, within 40 miles of NYC! If you live outside of the 40-mile radius, please send an email to

Can I place an order for pick-up?

Unfortunately, no. Only offer delivery as my time in the kitchen is paid on an hourly basis and they do not allow for pick ups at random. 

Can I request a specific delivery time for my order?

Yes, though we can not always guarantee a specific delivery time. However, if you need your order by a specific time, please let us know in the special instructions section, and we will ensure your order gets to you prior (i.e., "our event starts at 2:30 pm; please deliver no later than 2:45 pm"). All arrangements are packaged for easy refrigeration if your order arrives early!

I'm attempting to place an order but my delivery date of choice is block on your calendar. What does this mean?

A blocked date on the delivery calendar unfortunately means we're either "closed" or all booked for that date(s)! 

What is your cancellation policy?

50% of your payment will be refunded with more than 5 days notice. No refund for notice provided with less than 5 days' notice.

If we have a contract in place, than the return policy outlined within our document supersedes this return policy.

Can I customize my order?

You may customize your order during your ordering process according to your dietary preferences (gluten-free, vegetarian, nothing spicy, no nuts, no crackers, etc.). Simply do so by either selecting the appropriate options &/ or leaving a note in the "Special Instructions" sections. Please note that request of certain cheese and meats will come with an additional surcharge, so it would be best to email before placing your order.

How do I choose the right spread size?

  • Medium is recommended for 5 (as a meal) to 8 (as an appetizer) people.
  • Large is recommended for 8 (as a meal) to 11 (as an appetizer) people.
  • Sweetheart is recommended for 11 (as a meal) to 14 (as an appetizer) people.
  • XXL is recommended for up to 16 (as an appetizer) people.

Please note that serving sizes are appetizer portions. Everyone’s appetite is different. If you’re planning on offering a charcuterie and cheese board as your main meal, consider going a size up or completing the catered events form for a grazing table. If you're still not sure, feel free to email!