Event Catering

BOTC offers the perfect charcuterie catering with our gorgeous grazing options! Whether you are celebrating a wedding, shower, birthday, company conference, or just a get-together with loved ones, elevate the party with a flat lay, elevated graze, cups, or a charcuterie cone wall! 

Grazing tables include gourmet cheese selections, charcuterie/ meats, dried fruit, nuts, olives, and various accompaniments, as well as fresh fruit, crackers, breads, and jam to reflect the season of the event.

Single-serve items include a variety of gourmet cheeses, meat of your choosing, honey, cracker, nuts, and an assortment of fruits based on seasonal availability.

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Flat Lay Graze

Our flat-lay grazing table option is beautiful, lush and truly highlights the food. Created on a flat surface, using parchment paper, this spread is super easy to clean up.

Multi-Dimension Graze

Add a sense of razzle-dazzle with our multi-dimension grazing spread! With elevated heights and drama, they create a feast for both the senses and the soul. This experience is enhanced by our meticulously curated boards, trays, and tablescape accessories.

Individual Servings

Whether it's a box, cone, or cups, the individual serve options are the ideal grab and go, handheld options for guest/ attendees. Any can be customized with your company or custom designed stickers, and individually wrapped upon request.