Created in BKLYN | Assembled in QNS

Founder and owner, Melissa Toribio, created Brie on the Chisme in 2023 to provide an elevated charcuterie experience with gourmet cheeses for everyone, but specifically the Latine and Black diasporas of which she is a part of.

Her love and appreciation of the art of crafting cheeses has been a lifelong affair, propelling her to experiment pairings and study the history of cheese making. Her ultimate goal though is to create partnerships with other minority and women-owned businesses to diversify charcuterie spreads and continue to create exceptional pairings, allowing the Latine and Black culture(s) to be infused into each spread. So whether that’s using artisanal honey, jams, and chocolates from Black and Brown-owned brands or sourcing gourmet cheeses and meats from woman-owned distributions - Brie on the Chisme is all about keeping it as local and diverse as possible around here!  

                         Below are just a few of the amazing companies I have worked with so far!